Angela Wong

“當初因為看見朋友玩空中瑜伽的照片,令Angela躍躍欲試,促使她首次接觸瑜伽。自體驗過空中瑜伽後,從此愛上在空中飛舞的感覺,並且開始學習空中絲帶舞(Aerial Silk)及空中呼拉圈舞(Aerial Hoop)。
從前學習過跳舞的她對揉合舞蹈的Aerial Silk和Aerial Hoop情有獨鍾,因為在半空中做出各種瑜伽式子不但動作優雅,且能配合音樂及加入情感表達,觀賞性更高。學習的過程令她與自己的身體有更多溝通,訓練了肌力和平衡力之餘,同時亦鍛練了其毅力。

Angela initiated her first flyoga lesson after seeing her friend's picture taken on an aerial hammock. Since then she has fallen in love with aerial art and started to learn aerial silk and hoop.
She is enthusiastic about aerial silk and hoop, not just because moves are performed gracefully in the air, also, they are done along with the music and expressing emotions of the performer, making it a fruitful and artistic performance as a whole.
Practicing aerial arts has encouraged communication with her body, and benefited her both physically and mentally by training up her muscle strength, balance and perseverance.”

 Aerial Flow Training Certificate Course (20-Hour) Yoga Fitness HK
Aerial Yoga Instructor Foundation Certificate Course ( 30 hours) Yoga Fitness HK