Athena Wu

Athena's yoga journey began in 2014 when her pole dance teacher invited her to take a trial class. Athena fell in love with yoga quickly and found a remarkable change in her life. She gained awareness of her body and thoughts. 
Yoga has helped in strengthening and stretching her body to attempt the yoga movements. It also has helped her listening to her heart and body to become a more confident and compassionate person. 
She would like to share her own yoga experience with her students and grow together.

- 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (Anahata Yoga)
- 30hrs Flying Yoga Teacher Foundation Certificate  (Yoga Fitness HK)
- 20hrs Flying Flow Teacher Training Certificate (Yoga Fitness HK)
- 15hrs Yoga Wheel Teacher Training Certificate (Darren Chen)
- 100hrs Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (Anahata Yoga)